Get A Hold On What You Code !!!

Guys a brief introduction of myself:

"I have been in the IT industry for more than 6 years now. Since, the start of my career I have been working in the Telecom Domain with skill sets as C++ and Linux".

The reason for starting this website is quite simple. I want to help myself plus each one of us out there who have faced tough times while making a switch to a different company. I am not at all saying that it is an easy task but, the way this process is carried out it really freaks me out. Those ridiculous interview patterns and repetitive boring questions bombarded on us has made me angry }:[

Lets talk about Our Judge - The Interviewers. Above, I said ridiculous, let me shed some light on it:

  • I said ridiculous because they actually never let us do what they ask during the      interview hours.
  • I said ridiculous because mostly, they themselves do not know what they are        asking.
  • I said ridiculous because they do not know what they are actually expecting          from a candidate.
  • I said ridiculous because they want to hear what they know but not what we          know ... they are not willing to learn guys.

Many more such reasons for saying so, but if you agree with me already then buddy you are at the right place.

Going through 4-6 technical interview rounds and then losing out on the last one gives us a S*** feeling. Wait, did I just said "losing out"? I am supposed to be bashed for saying so ...

Correction, we did not lose out. They are the ones who lost us, because after so many repetitive rounds those fools still couldn't figure out what they were actually looking for and what they expected from the candidate.


So, now I have a simple thing to ask for. Please post as many questions and topics which you think are of utmost importance from an interview perspective. It might be the silliest question but go ahead and give a chance to me and others to answer and discuss them. Make things interactive, be a part of My Blog, have some good discussions and "lets bring people out of their interview misery"


Cheers !!!

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